PV products solution

Beijing people's electric co., LTD is the pioneer of the renewable energy generation, solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power, hydropower and other renewable energy power generation system to protect electrical technology and a complete set of solutions.According to the special requirements of solar photovoltaic power generation, Beijing people's electric co., LTD launched applied to too can get a special photovoltaic field high voltage grade electrical products, including solar photovoltaic dedicated molded case circuit breaker, mini circuit breakers, isolating switch GM5 - PV series products, such as the low voltage products has been widely used in solar power generator inverter system, junction box and distribution system, etc., and Beijing people's electric co., LTD., according to the experience of cooperation with solar power manufacturers and solar power generation project construction experience, puts forward a relatively complete system solutions, Beijing people's electric co., LTD., production GM5 - photovoltaic PV series special products have been into these solutions. 
GM5 - PV series high-performance small dc circuit breaker and molded case circuit breaker special development used in photovoltaic field, is the ideal protection in the field of electric equipment, the product has the following features:
Rated current DC800A height, high voltage to the DC1500V; 
Protect the pv module from the harm of high dc reverse current; 
Protect the pv module from animals caused by inverter fault feedback current harm; 
Each pv string under the load, is safe to cut cut out and realizing the complete electrical isolation; 
Can remote control any a photovoltaic string from interruption from the system, even in the state of load on the next page can also complete; 
Can be installed in each PV string GM5 - PV status clear signal to upload.